Lucien Danzeisen (composition, artistic direction, project management) was born in Aargau, Switzerland. They have played classical piano from a very young age, studied composition and piano in Lucerne and Berlin and compose and perform music, ranging from improvisation and noise to contemporary (electro) acoustic chamber music, solo and orchestral works, sound art and beyond...
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Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg (viola) grew up in Hamburg, studied viola in the Netherlands and contemporary chamber music in Belgium. She is highly involved in the fields of chamber and ensemble music and collaborating with composers, as well as a member of Ensemble Garage (Cologne).

Lennart Melzer (technical composition, artistic design and programming of the web application), was born in Braunschweig in 1986 and programs live music and text. He studied computer science in Braunschweig and music in Düsseldorf.

Mareike Piepel (design) works as a designer for projects in the independent arts community as well as for artists themselves. She also works as an artist in Düsseldorf (drawing, photography, video, performance), in performance collectives such as Clinch, is a member of the Betonbox art space, and is an advocate for the visibility of female artists in cultural politics.